Why Is My Candle Flame Moving So Much Spiritual? Careful!

Have you ever seen a candle flame moving vigorously in different directions? This is not normal, and many people have seen it. I have seen it, too. 

At one point, I thought it was because of my breath because I love observing candles closer to my face. Little did I know that was not the case because it was still moving even after holding my breath. 

After much research and consultations, I learned it was spiritually related. That’s why today I’m sharing with you the meaning of candle flame moving so much

Why Is My Candle Flame Moving So Much? Spiritual Meanings 

Candle Flame's Spiritual Meaning

Forget about your candle flame moving so much because of the wind. This is not what I mean. Spiritually, you may see your candle flame moving ONLY if you channel your energy to it

If this happens, it means the higher realm is finding it difficult to find the best for you. Ideally, this happens because you are offering contradicting prayers.

When you offer diverse prayers, it may get difficult for the higher being to answer it. Diverse prayers mean you are asking for many things at once.

Remember, God can take time before answering your prayers. Now, when you ask for various things at once, which one will He fulfill first?

However, this doesn’t mean you will not get what you asked for. Your prayer is just contradicting.

So, when you see your candle flame moving too much, it’s because your feelings and thoughts are contradicted. 

Also, this may happen when you are 50/50 unaware of what decision you should make. In case your candle flame moves too much, you should focus on one prayer. 

Whenever you channel your energy to one thing, there will always be a way out. Even if it may be delayed, you won’t be denied. So, stop contradicting your prayers.

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Candle Flame Too High Meaning Spiritual 

Candle Flame Moving So Much

Your candle flame is too high because you’re yet to tap your full potential. You are holding so much power. At times, you may observe the high flame is burning out. 

If it does, it means those potentials are dying. At times, the candle flame being too high is associated with spirits being in your surroundings. 

Maybe you called out for the spirits, and that is why they are in your room. Now, because of their high energies, the spirits can make the candle flame move so much. 

Candle flames are also seen as a symbol of hope. When it burns brightly, it symbolizes strength. But, when the flame goes too high, it symbolizes endings. 

This can be the ending of a life, a relationship, work, and so on. And when the flame flickers, there is still hope that the future is still bright.

Other meanings are:

  • A warning sign of being away from your spiritual path;
  • Your creative energies are strong, and you should maximize your creativity;
  • You are in a passionate relationship;
  • An encouragement to never give up;
  • You have a burning passion, and you’re always ready to assist out.

Tall Candle Flame Meaning 

Candle Flame So High and Flickering

Most people confuse between a high and a tall candle flame. As mentioned above, when a candle flame is too high, it’s often associated with spirits in your surroundings.

On the other hand, a tall candle flame is often associated with climbing higher. Your challenges are coming to an end, and this time, a positive outcome is just inevitable

If you had intended to do something, then it’s going to be successful. That is why you are seeing the candle flame standing tall and strong. There is no unwavering or flickering; that is how your life is.

Ideally, you are fighting all obstacles spiritually.

If there were some negative energies trying to bring you down, it wouldn’t work because you are steady and strong enough to face each problem head-on

Why Does My Candle Flicker Spiritually?

man touching candle

Your candle is flickering because spirits are in your vicinity. This sounds similar to when the flame is high. The spirits mostly arise when you call out for them.

So, if you had performed a ritual calling out for them from the spiritual world, take this as a sign your message was properly received. 

Now, when spirits are in your surroundings, they may try to communicate to prove they are there with you. So, the flickering of the candle flame is the sign you need

The candle flickering may also be:

  • This a reminder that there are uncertainties in life, but you should try adjusting and stabilizing;
  • A sign of upcoming problems;
  • A reminder that there is hope for the future;
  • A Message that you should spend time on what is more important.

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What Does It Mean When A Candle Flame Is High And Moving So Much? 9 Spiritual Signs! 

Candle Flame Too High: 9 Spiritual Meanings

1) You should wake up from your comfort zone

When a candle burns high, the room or surroundings get hotter. What do you do in this case? You will wake up and maybe open the windows or the door to let in fresh air. 

Spiritually, this indicates that you are too comfortable where you are, yet you need to wake up.

God is using this high-moving flame to wake you up because you have become too comfortable. If you want to achieve something in life, you must wake up. 

2) You have an inner strength

When you look at a candle burning, eventually, it will melt. But, the funny part is, even with the melting, the candle still manages to burn high. This applies to your life, too. 

There are times when we try, according to our abilities and capabilities, to make ends meet, but it just doesn’t work. Well, the candle flame burning high is a sign that we should not give up with ease

So, no matter how challenging your situation is, keep the fire burning and push on because you have the inner strength to do so. 

3) A symbol of a passionate relationship

It’s also believed that a candle burning high is associated with your relationship.

It could be more about your romantic relationship or the one with your family. If your candle flame is low, it’s a universal sign of no passion in that relationship.

You can’t say you are in a relationship when you have no feelings attached to it.

Without passion, there is no love. But if you are passionate about it, then love will trump. So, this means you need to fight for that relationship. 

4) A manifestation of your unconscious fear

Though we physically try to hide our fears, this can manifest to us in whatever form.

On the contrary, if the candle flame is high and moving a lot, there is a possibility of a fire outbreak. That inbuilt fear is causing the flame to burn high and move a lot. 

Spiritually, it could be:

  • You have fear about someone or something;
  • Or, there is someone in your surroundings afraid of something.

So, these negative energies are being transferred to the flame

5) You should stay focused

When you notice the candle flame burning high while moving so much, take this as a reminder. The flame reminds you of the need to focus and stay on track

If you were working towards a certain goal, don’t let go nor change your tactic. You are on the right path, so channel all your energy and stay focused on your path.

6) You are being warned

When a candle flame burns high and moves so much, it is a warning sign from the universe.

The flame may be moving in an unusual manner, and this could be a representation of different aspects of your life. 

It could be there is something you are not paying attention to.

Is it your loved one, friends, spouse, or work? Whatever it is, this is a warning sign, and you should pay attention to it.

Maybe a significant change or challenge is coming

7) Presence of spirits in your surrounding

 When you meditate or pray, you could be inviting or calling spirits and the higher realm.

If the invited spirits are in your room, it has to signal that it’s around. It can do so by making the candle flame move so much. 

They could be around to show you are not alone or even guide you through the path you want to take. They have heard your call and message, and that’s why they are in your vicinity.

8) Someone is reaching out to you

As mentioned earlier, the candle flame may be moving a lot because spirits are in your surroundings. In most cases, this could be your loved one

They could be having a message that they have to deliver or offering their love and support. When someone from the spirit world tries to communicate with you, they will find the center of attraction.

And since the candle is the center, they will definitely get your attention. So, continue meditating or praying at this point to get the message. 

9) You have a special connection with the flame

Just like you have a connection with your pets, the same thing happens with a candle flame. Now, you must have seen so many places of worship use candles during their session

For instance, Catholics have this common tradition. That is why so many believers are attached to it, especially in prayer sessions.

So, whenever the flame moves so much, it could be because of the energetic link

Is This A Bad Or Good Spiritual Sign?

Candle Flame is Long

Your candle flame moving so much is all about you. Spiritually, this is a good and bad sign, depending on the direction of the flame.

The candle is just conveying a message of divinity or from the spiritual world.

Generally, a candle flame moving so much or dancing may mean inevitable changes are coming to you. These changes, in most cases, are positive things.

But, it’s not a good sign when the candle goes out. It may be the end of something in your life. 

Dancing candle flame is also a sign of powerful spiritual energies in your surroundings. They could be trying to connect with you. It’s either they are offering you guidance and protection or delivering a message from the divine itself. 

So, whenever, you see your candle flame moving during prayers or meditation, use this chance to connect with divine beings.

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Final Words

There are so many reasons as to why your candle flame is moving so much, and each has a special meaning.

These could be a message from the higher realm, and you have to be on the lookout for the signs to understand the message.

Just like the candle is a source of light and hope, let this article be the light to what you are thinking about.

6 thoughts on “Why Is My Candle Flame Moving So Much Spiritual? Careful!”

  1. My money blessing candle kept going out and I had to relight it 3times and was burning low real low … After reading this article I’m sure it’s what I thought it was …. Thank you!!!

    • Hello Leonard,

      Everything has a deeper meaning than we think at first.

      I’m glad you found out what kept your candle from going out and having such a low burn.

      You’re welcome,
      Guardian Angel.

  2. Greetings~ Last night the green candle I had let burn for about 2 days I always let the flame burn to the end when manifesting yet just as the flame was about to go out, the tiny flame seemed to be injected by a spirit or….??-and relit itself, suddenly this flame became a fast-spinning vortex clockwise burn, a tiny whirlwind higher and higher until I had no choice but to out the flame. After dumping water on it, the glass cracked from the cold water, “woooooooooshh” it went out as grey/white smoke filled the room. Can you please help me understand why this flame that burned for 2 days with no “issues”, seemed to re-light itself when it was a teeny tiny flame and, about to go out becoming spinning vortex of flame so high I had to toss water on it. I felt no fear, yet would like to have your input on this. I have been awakening to spirit for over a decade now, my connection to what is beyond the veil becoming stronger. Id truly appreciates your help. Thank you. Michele
    Peace and light~

  3. Greetings~ Last night the green candle I had let burn for about 2 days turned into a spinning vortex within seconds of going out completely. It was as if a spirit walked in and made sure I was paying attention. . At around 1 am just as the flame was about to go out, suddenly the tiny wick relit itself became what looked nothing less a vortex of clockwise spinning flame, high and so fast I had no choice but to dump water out the flame. The glass cracked from the cold water; grey/white smoke filled the room. Due to my personal story, it seemed as if a guide or spirit took control of the flame to remind me to finally get out of my comfort zone, that for me, the time for procrastination must end. I felt no fear or sense of darkness, I use candles frequently in my spirituality but I would be grateful for any input.

    • Hello,

      Well, I’m happy to tell you that you’ve been blessed! You have powerful guardian angels around you and they’re doing everything they can to protect you.
      It also means you’re reaching a higher awareness and it’s the best time to follow your dreams!

  4. Hi for sometimes now I have been unable to understand this behaviour of the candle. When I pray to send negativity away from me, the candle usually bent. At first I thought it was candle defects but later on I have been carefully selected candles that are straight without defeyand the same thing happens. What could this mean?


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