Candle Flame Too High Spiritual Meaning: Is it Bad?

Have you ever lit a candle in your home and observed its behavior and appearance? It can be high, short, dancing, flickering, jumping, making significant smoke, popping, and more. 

Sometimes you can get mesmerized by a candle flame that is too high and longer than usual. But have you ever thought of why it appeared that way?

Well, there are so many meanings surrounding candle flames. Some people view it as a normal appearance, but a high candle flame symbolizes more spirituality in rituals and ceremonies

So, why is the candle flame moving so much? Why is it flickering? Is it a bad thing? Whichever question you have, I have the answer to it. Continue reading below.

Candle Flame’s Spiritual Meaning

Candle Flame's Spiritual Meaning

When your candle flame is dancing, you have strong energies surrounding you

Your intentions are so strong in the universe, but things are trying to pull you back. So, you need to address those issues and reclaim your power for more success.

If your candle flame seems small and weak, your energy to meet your goals is low. What you need is patience. When you are patient, you will surely reap big.

On the other hand, a flickering candle occurs if there is the presence of your lost loved ones, guardians, and others trying to reach you from the spiritual world

A cracking candle flame is often associated with forces trying to repel you. When your communication skills do not work, it’s time to focus on your energy to create the change you desire. 

When you are at peace, you will observe a steady candle flame. This flame may become bigger and larger with time. It means you are on the right channels, and the steps you had in place are working

Your candle flame going out repeatedly means you have utilized your spiritual energy. So, don’t push harder than it is already; you may get hurt.

Why is My Candle Flame Moving So Much? Spiritual Meaning

Candle Flame Moving So Much

You won’t know your candle flame moves so much unless you channel your attention to it.

These movements mean higher beings struggle to find what’s best for you. For instance, this is bound to happen when your prayers have always been diverse.

Well, diverse prayers mean asking for various things in life, so when the beings don’t know what to give you, yet you asked for all of them, it contradicts each other.

So this way, the universe communicates with you. 

But this doesn’t mean you won’t get what you asked for; it’s just that your request contradicts each other. But, when the time is right, you will achieve what you want

Also, a flame moving so much means you have contradicted thoughts and feelings.

If there is a decision or choice you are supposed to make, it could be the reason. You don’t know what to say as you don’t know how the outcome will be. 

So, when you see a candle flame moving so much, you should focus on one prayer and choice for things to work out

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Why is My Candle Flame So High and Flickering?

Candle Flame So High and Flickering

Your candle flame is so high because there is so much power that you are holding back.

If you have so much potential that you’re yet to tap, then the burning candle signifies those burning potentials.

When your candle flame is so high and flickering, it means the spirits are around you.

Flickering can cause the flame to create shadows from bright to super dark, which signifies spirits in your vicinity.

Your candle flame is so high because you called on spirits. Spirits tend to have high energies, which can change how fire and flames behave. 

So, if you were calling on spirits, the candle flames could rise high. It starts flickering when the spirits are in the room.

Also, when your spiritual energy changes, those energies cause the candle flame to rise. You won’t be able to stop it because the energies control it

So, whenever the candle’s flames burn higher, its meaning is associated with the spirits around you. 

Candle Flame Too High: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Candle Flame Too High: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Different spiritual meanings are attached to a candle flame burning too high.

In many spiritual and religious practices, candles represent prayers of the faithful, the light of God, and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

A candle flame is also seen as a sign of hope and protection. It could also be a reminder about our lost loved ones. But what does it mean when the candle flame is too high?

1) Strong creative energies

Seeing a high candle flame means you have creative and strong energies, so allow them to flow. This could mean it’s time to get creative and allow your creativity to shine. 

So when you are finally working on a project that you’ve always desired, allow your imagination to run wild.

This will leave people with something to talk about, and this is how your creativity will shine.

If you feel overwhelmed with tasks, applying your creativity will help you clear your mind and doubts.

Being creative is also an excellent way to relax your mind and body. If you were stressed, this could work for you. 

2) Symbolize endings

Even if candle flame burning is seen as a sign of hope, it could also mean something is coming to an end. A single flame burning high is seen to symbolize strength

However, the same high candle flame could also symbolize the end of a relationship or life. 

You will feel like the lights have gone out, often associated with someone with curtains folding.

Also, the flickering flame is a reminder that even if something ends, there is hope

3) A ghost is around

Candle flame burning high is also associated with the ghost being around. Spirit or ghosts are a combination of air and smoke. 

So, when you see your candle flame burning very high, the wind blows it sideways, and a ghost is around you or your premises

Ghosts visit when they have a message. It could be a positive or negative message. But, again, they could have arrived to hurt you. 

So, be very observant about what happens next.

When something breaks after that, this is not a good sign. But, when your spirit is around, nothing happens after that.

4) Wake up from your comfort zone

When candle flames burn high, the room gets hotter. This will make you feel uneasy, and you may even start sweating or thirsty

When this happens, will you open your windows or drink water to quench your thirst?

Well, this is what it’s all about, waking up from your comfort zone. This is a sign God is using to wake you from your comfort zone

That’s why you have to choose between opening doors and windows or drinking water. Everything will be fine when you follow what your spirit tells you to do

This applies in real life; you must wake up from your comfort zone if you want to achieve something. 

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5) Inner strength

Candle flame burning high also means you have the strength to keep moving even when things become tough

Maybe you had tried all you could to be financially stable, but the tables turned against you. Don’t give up because when you continue pushing, you will win. 

 Even when candles melt, they still keep the fire burning. So, no matter how difficult a task or things are, you have the strength and skill to withstand the pressure.

So use this inner strength to your advantage.

6) You should let go

When the candle flames burn very high, it is time to let go of things or people trying to hold you back. This is the universe asking you to let go.

Well, we are all surrounded by people who wish both good and bad for us.

And when it comes to progressing to higher levels, you may notice someone or something trying to pull you back

Maybe it’s about your family; they feel if you leave, you won’t uphold your responsibilities fully.

The universe is asking you to free your mind from such things because where you are headed is where your star is. 

7) You are headed in the right direction

The high flame of a candle also means you’re finding your way. When it burns faster, it means the direction you need has arrived.

Many traditions have different interpretations of the direction the candle flame burns. Some believe that when it burns and points:

  • To the left: You should go with your feelings;
  • To the right: Listen to your inner voice;
  • Straight upwards: Pray more and wait for the message to be delivered.

8) Symbolizes fear

We all have that inbuilt fear when we see a fire outbreak, no matter the cause.

The same thing applies to high candle flame. When you see a high candle flame, it manifests your unconscious fear.

Though we build some resistance around it, we are always afraid. If a fire breaks in your home, what do you do? You will hold your breath.

That fear in the surroundings raises a candle flame.

So, when a candle flame goes higher, it could be someone in the room is afraid of something or someone yet they don’t know.

That is why the energies around are making the candle flame burn higher.

9) Tells more about your relationship

The candle’s flame height tells more about your relationship. This could be between you and your partner or family members.

A high candle flame is a sign of a passionate relationship. But when the candle flame is low it means your relationship is weak and with no passion attached.

And we can say the same about your relationship. Without passion, even love doesn’t exist in it. 

So, if you have passion for something, it’s bound to be successful. This is your sign to fight for that relationship.

My Candle Flame is Long: Should I Be Concerned?

Candle Flame is Long

Yes, you should be concerned when your candle is long.

Many people associate high and tall candle flames with positivity, but some cultures view it as a bad sign. 

It’s believed that a long candle flame symbolizes wasted time and energy.

If you are working on something and feel you have put all your energy into it, someone else sees it as the complete opposite. 

Yes, you may succeed in whatever you’re doing, but someone else thinks you have wasted your energy on something not worth it

So, seeing a long candle flame means you have to work harder and don’t waste your energy.

But, a long candle flame is also a good sign. It could mean there are spiritual energies surrounding you.

Spirits or guardians use candle flames to show their presence in the surroundings, especially during spiritual ceremonies. 

This could also be spiritual guidance. It is a sign you should continue pushing on even when things are difficult at first.

Or, your prayers have just been answered, and the long candle is just a sign you’re on the right path.  

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Other Interpretations of the Candle Flame in Spirituality

man touching candle

Apart from a candle flame burning too high or too low, there are other interpretations of the candle flame that can be gotten. Let us look at these 5 special candle flame meanings.

Flame constantly going out:

This is weird – isn’t it? Why should your candle flame go out constantly? Well, this should make a lot of sense spiritually.

Firstly, your candle flame is constantly going out because you give up easily. This is what the spiritual world is trying to say.

Furthermore, the flame is constantly going out because the universe wants you to stop taking action.

Anytime you light a candle, and the flame goes out, it is saying NO. The action or step you are about to take is not the will of the universe, and it has negative consequences.

Very weak candle flame:

This means that you have failed to pay attention to your inner intuition. So, its voice is becoming too weak.

Having a weak candle flame is also a sign that your prayers have not been answered because you are weak in faith. This is mostly a warning sign from the universe.

Very red candle flame:

Flames are believed to be originally red from the spiritual world. If you see a very red candle flame, it is spiritually saying that you should maintain your originality.

Never reduce yourself to fit into anyone’s definition.

Furthermore, having a very red candle flame is good for rituals. It makes your prayers ascend to the heavens quickly.

Black candle flame:

This indicates a release of negativity.

That is, the negative energy you have held in your soul is being released, and you are receiving positivity for good luck.

Final Words

Generally, a candle flame represents where we are in life. As mentioned above, candle flame behavior represents the message the universe has to deliver.

You’re ready to achieve everything, no matter how difficult it is. This could also mean you are willing to work on a particular project or task.

So, what you need to do is to pay attention to the flickering, crackling, burning out, tall, and high candles to understand what you are dealing with. 

Try to reconnect what you see with what is going on in your life. That way, it will be easy to interpret the message and symbolism. All in all, there is nothing to worry about candle flame burning as it’s associated with lots of positivity. 

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  1. My money blessing candle kept going out and I had to relight it 3times and was burning low real low … After reading this article I’m sure it’s what I thought it was …. Thank you!!!

    • Hello Leonard,

      Everything has a deeper meaning than we think at first.

      I’m glad you found out what kept your candle from going out and having such a low burn.

      You’re welcome,
      Guardian Angel.

  2. Greetings~ Last night the green candle I had let burn for about 2 days I always let the flame burn to the end when manifesting yet just as the flame was about to go out, the tiny flame seemed to be injected by a spirit or….??-and relit itself, suddenly this flame became a fast-spinning vortex clockwise burn, a tiny whirlwind higher and higher until I had no choice but to out the flame. After dumping water on it, the glass cracked from the cold water, “woooooooooshh” it went out as grey/white smoke filled the room. Can you please help me understand why this flame that burned for 2 days with no “issues”, seemed to re-light itself when it was a teeny tiny flame and, about to go out becoming spinning vortex of flame so high I had to toss water on it. I felt no fear, yet would like to have your input on this. I have been awakening to spirit for over a decade now, my connection to what is beyond the veil becoming stronger. Id truly appreciates your help. Thank you. Michele
    Peace and light~

  3. Greetings~ Last night the green candle I had let burn for about 2 days turned into a spinning vortex within seconds of going out completely. It was as if a spirit walked in and made sure I was paying attention. . At around 1 am just as the flame was about to go out, suddenly the tiny wick relit itself became what looked nothing less a vortex of clockwise spinning flame, high and so fast I had no choice but to dump water out the flame. The glass cracked from the cold water; grey/white smoke filled the room. Due to my personal story, it seemed as if a guide or spirit took control of the flame to remind me to finally get out of my comfort zone, that for me, the time for procrastination must end. I felt no fear or sense of darkness, I use candles frequently in my spirituality but I would be grateful for any input.

    • Hello,

      Well, I’m happy to tell you that you’ve been blessed! You have powerful guardian angels around you and they’re doing everything they can to protect you.
      It also means you’re reaching a higher awareness and it’s the best time to follow your dreams!


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