Waking Up Crying from A Dream Spiritual Meaning: Is It Good?  

Have you ever experienced sleeping so soundly only to be woken up by your screams of extreme sorrow? I think none of you would say no to this.

Waking up crying from a dream is more common than one may think. It is something that we have all experienced at one time or another.

You can ask yourself why I am always crying at night. Is it just because of simple loneliness, or could there be an entirely different reason for it?

Well, this is your lucky day. We are here to help you understand the meaning of your dreams and why you wake up crying because of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and continue reading this article. 

I hope that you may learn a lot from it and eventually get to understand the spiritual meaning of waking up crying from a dream.

What Does It Mean to Wake Up Crying from A Dream?

Wake Up Crying from A Dream

Though it is known to commonly happen in children, waking up crying from a dream can also occur during adulthood. There could be a myriad of reasons why this occurs

This section will explore the issue even further.

Before solving your sleeping problems, you must first get to know the cause.

Why would you end up crying in your sleep and waking up from it?

If you can answer this question, then it would be easier for you to answer all the other queries that may be floating in your head regularly.

To find the answers, you must make sure that you are aware of your own emotions and the events that happen to you every single day.

  • Are you going through something very stressful?
  • Does it cause you to be isolated and lonely most of the time?

If the answer is yes, then you may have found the reason for your outbursts of emotions at night.

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What About Crying in Your Sleep and Waking Up Crying?

Crying in Your Sleep

To continue from the previous section, here are some significant reasons why people, particularly adults, may have the issue mentioned above.

Emotional and physical stress are the most common causes of night terrors. If you are having problems during the day that you cannot stop thinking about, they may end up following you in your sleep.

If this happens, the negative emotions that you have been feeling may manifest themselves through dreams and eventual nightmares.

Mental trauma is another reason for you to have recurring nightmares which may cause you to wake up crying at night. 

Usually, this kind of phenomenon happens in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder.

If you experience some sort of traumatic event whether during your childhood or your recent adult years, it may end up buried in your subconscious and show up in your dreams.

Your dreams may be your body’s way of solving your problems subconsciously as well.

If you have an issue that has been bugging you for days or a problem that you can’t solve on your own, you may be able to find the answers in your sleep.

Have you heard of the phrase sleeping on it? People say it because they want you to take a rest first and then think about the situation after.

This way, your mind would be able to come up with no ideas on how to tackle any situation that may come your way.

If you cry as you wake up, it may be because you have finally found the answer to your questions.  This may happen if you have been trying to solve the problem for weeks on end without any headway.  

You may experience a breakthrough via the dream state.  Remember that crying may also be brought about by extreme joy.  It all depends on what could be the cause of your situation, to begin with.

Waking Up Crying from A Dream: 7 Spiritual Meanings

Waking Up Crying from A Dream: 7 Spiritual Meanings

Now that you understand some of the possible reasons why you cry in your sleep or when you wake up, let us now discuss the possible metaphysical causes of crying upon waking up.

Here they are as follows: 

1) Unresolved Emotions

Waking up crying after a deep sleep could mean that you have a lot of unresolved emotionswhether negative or positive.

It may mean that you are overwhelmed or overworked and so your body is telling you that you need to relax.

Another spiritual reason may be that your mind is trying to release some tension that your environment or you have caused inadvertently.

For example, if you spent your day trying to avoid a certain situation or a person for whatever reason, you may end up dreaming about that person and crying in your sleep because of something you did to this individual.

In this case, it will affect you physically, emotionally, and spiritually all because of the guilt you feel.  It will eat you up inside causing nightmares.

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2) Concern for Another

It could also be that you are worried about another person’s well-being.

If you are trying to help a friend through a problem or trying to foster his or her spiritual growth, your concern may cause you to subconsciously think about their situation.

If this happens, their negative energies may transfer to you inadvertently causing dreams or nightmares.

3) Excessive Negativity

It could also happen if you bear too many negative emotions in your life.

For example, if someone has wronged you and you are not able to move on or if you do someone harms, as mentioned earlier, your guilt may end up manifesting itself through your dreams which can cause you to wake up crying.

In this case, the only thing that you can do is to make reparations if possible.

You have to try to save any kind of broken relationship that you may have had in your lifetime. How? By apologizing and restitution if you can

Through this, you will be able to help not only yourself, but others move on from any kind of negativity.

4) Releasing Grief and Anger

It may also be a form of grief expression.

If you have recently experienced death in your family or life in general, chances are you may end up dreaming about the person who passed away or the situation that caused his death.

If this happens, you will certainly end up waking up from your nightmares crying

The same situation can also occur if you have been harboring ill feelings towards another and bottling them down. The anger and resentment that you may feel towards the situation, or another individual may manifest itself through your dreams.

5) Extreme Joy and Love

On the much more positive side of things, you may also end up crying and waking up from sleep if you feel an overwhelming amount of joy and love for another person

Most if not all of us have experienced dreaming of someone that we love.

As the expression says, women have always dreamt about their wedding day ever since they were children. This holds if you happen to meet someone and grow to have strong feelings for them.

You can also dream about a successful future or having a family of your own.

If this happens, you may end up feeling copious amounts of happiness and affection which can cause you to cry in your sleep and wake up from it.

6) Memory Recollection

Aside from this, you may also end up waking from a dream crying because of a triggering memory from your childhood. This harkens back to any possible episodes of posttraumatic stress.  

If you happen to see someone going through a horrible event in their life, (i.e., murder, death, extreme violence) this may result in you having nightmares about it and waking up crying in the middle of the night.

How can you resolve the issue? By confronting the situation head-on.

Going through grief counseling can help you understand your current crisis and devise ways to eventually move on from the event.

By doing this, you will certainly get rid of the dreams that may very well be the cause of your night terrors.

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7) Strong Feelings of Fear and Anxiety

This is another set of reasons for you to wake up crying from sleep.

If you have deeply rooted fears and anxieties in your life, they may manifest and show themselves through your dreams if you don’t take steps to resolve them.  

It could be that you feel guilty about something that you have done in the past whether on purpose or not.

Having long-kept secrets could also cause you to have tear-inducing nightmares. If these are your reasons, taking steps to rectify the situation is the only way out.

I Woke Up Crying from a Dream. Should I Be Concerned?

women concerned

Again, it depends on the kind of dream that you are having

If you feel that it is affecting your physical health already, it may be high time for you to consult a medical professional about your situation.

It will also help you to talk to someone familiar with your situation in life.

The presence of friends and family members who can comfort you and offer advice whenever possible should help you get through this situation without much difficulty.

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Final Words

As mentioned earlier, waking up crying at night because of dreams is more often than not associated with negative emotions.

If this happens to you, talk to someone you trust. Doing this will give you relief and allow you to process the situation much more clearly.

In this regard, asking for help from your spiritual adviser whether it be a priest, a teacher or your parents could help you resolve the issue further. 

Having open communication lines with people close to you is the key.

Remember that you are not alone in this battle. Someone is always watching over you, so you don’t have to worry about anything for sure. 

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