8 Healing Prayers for my Mom to Get Better & to be Healed

Are you looking for a powerful healing prayer for your mom to get better? We have the prayers for your sick mom to be healed with God’s help.

Sickness has become rampant in this world of ours as a result of several things. This is why we need to pay attention to our health and that of our family members. Mothers are an important part of our existence, and it hurts to see them go through pain as a result of one ailment or the other.

Therefore, there is a way to prevent this from happening sequentially. Offering prayers for the healing of your mom is the best way to ensure that she gets better from every form of sickness and ailment. 

8 powerful healing prayers can be offered to make your mom get better. Each of these prayers carries divine healing powers that will cause gradual or immediate recovery of your mom from every form of sickness.

Let us look at these healing prayers individually.

1) Healing Prayer for my mom to get better

Healing Prayer for my mom to get better
Prayer for printing

“I pray today, with great faith and with my heart full of hope, in the name of (mother’s name) to Our Lady of Health.

I come to ask for (mother’s name) and for her health, which is weakened and at risk.

I’m very worried about (mother’s name), because her health is down, facing several problems, challenges and things she doesn’t deserve to face.

That’s why I ask and turn to the powers of Our Lady of Health, to help my mother in this moment of so much difficulty, so much pain, anguish and so many problems in her health.

Our Lady of Health, strengthens the immune system of (mother’s name), strengthens my mother’s faith, her hope and helps this person to get well, quickly and in the best way possible.

You must remove from the life of (mother’s name) all health problems that could harm their health and well being, now and forever.

So be it, Amen.”

The best way to get healing for your mom is through prayers.

One of the powerful prayers to make for your mom is the healing prayer for your mom to get better. This prayer will bring gradual recovery to your mom’s health, and within a few days, the total healing will become manifest. 

Furthermore, we have discovered that this prayer goes beyond healing her body. It will cure every form of anxiety, fear, and depression, which stemmed from the effect of the sickness. Therefore, you stand to enjoy 2 major benefits of this prayer.

Making this prayer for your mom will bring about gradual recovery, which will be evident. It will restore strength to your mom, and help her mindset to stay positive and joyful – even through the healing process.

Therefore, you should make this prayer for your mom to the universe right away for gradual and progressive recovery from sickness.

2) Prayer for my mother to be Healed

Prayer for my mother to be Healed
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“Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, my mom has been so sick lately. She needs Your miraculous, restorative hand to reach down and touch her body. Give her the healing she needs to overcome this sickness and fully recover.

It is taking such a toll on her and I am beginning to worry, Lord. Please intervene soon. You are the Great Physician, Jesus, and I know that You can do all things.

I am trusting in You to cure my mom. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”

When sickness strikes, the best way to fight against it is through prayers.

In the bible, there are several examples of this type of prayer, which generated instant results and recovery for the sick. Therefore, you can be assured of the effectiveness of this type of prayer.

The prayer for my mother to be healed will cause an instant recovery and it can be made in line with the first type of prayer in this article. This prayer will speed up the recovery process. When you make this prayer, the universe gets to work immediately.

Within a few hours, you will see the results of all your prayers in your mom’s health. The recovery will be speedy, and it will become obvious that something supernatural has happened to the health of your mom.

You can make this prayer for as long as you want. Therefore, there is no limit to how much you should make this prayer for your mom. The results and testimonies from this prayer have been amazing. Therefore, it is your turn to enjoy the power of this healing prayer.

3) Prayer for a sick mother to get better

Prayer for a sick mother to get better
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“I pray with all the strength of my heart to ask for immediate spiritual help for my mother. My mother is sad, my mother is sick, my mother is suffering and needs help.

That’s why I pray, right now, to all Saints who can hear me, to help my mother in this difficult time.

That’s why I pray, right now, to ask my mother to stop suffering and be healed!

May all the saints keep illness, suffering and anguish away from my mother. May the disease disappear forever allow my mother to have a happy life.


This prayer will grant recovery and healing to your sick mother.

Whenever you offer this prayer to the universe, it will take a while to see the result. Therefore, you have to practice patience and persistence in this prayer. This type of prayer is not going to happen instantly. This is why a lot of people don’t get results with this prayer – due to a lack of patience.

However, I have given you the secret to this prayer – persistence. If you are persistent, you are going to watch your mom get better in no time. 

The prayer for a sick mother to get better will give your mother all the necessary spiritual support to aid a fast recovery process. Therefore, you have to use your faith and inner strength to release the perfect energy while making this prayer to the universe.

The universe desires to grant you the request of your heart. Therefore, make this prayer for your mother to get better right now.

4) Prayer for my mom to get better today

Prayer for my mom to get better today
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“The Virgin Mary’s forces will help my mother who is sick, suffering and helpless. Virgin Mary’s forces will descend from heaven to Earth to help my mother get better today.

With the strength of Virgin Mary my mother will be able to recover. With the Virgin Mary’s strength, my mother will be able to free herself from illness, pain and suffering.

I trust the Virgin Mary to fulfill this request of mine. I trust the Virgin Mary to hear my prayer. And I trust the Virgin Mary to take care of my mother and to cure her of all illnesses.

Thank you in advance for listening to my request. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now and forevermore.


This prayer takes a new turn and focus. 

The focus is not necessarily about getting better. The focus is on the timeframe which is TODAY.

This type of prayer requires a lot of your emotional power. This is a prayer of desperation. This is a prayer that comes from a perspective of strong faith and doggedness that your mother must be healed today.

Therefore, everyone that has prayed this prayer got instant results. The power of desperation and doggedness will bring instant results. Your mom will get better instantly. 

Whenever you want to make this prayer, you must get yourself to a point of desperation. Most times, it can be accompanied by tears or strong shouting. Once you become overwhelmed with this emotion, make the prayer.

Another important thing to note about this prayer is that you can repeat it over and over again. Keep repeating it for as long as you can. The results are always instant and evident.

5) A Daughter’s prayer for her sick mother

A Daughter’s prayer for her sick mother
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“With all the love of God that fills the hearts of all of us, he undoes the disease that came to affect (mother’s name) and that is bringing all the unhappiness to my mother’s life.

The infinite love of God will be touched by all of us who pass this prayer and share it, in order to reach the heart of (mother’s name) and help her heal.

God Our Lord will use the power of faith of all believers to help (mother’s name), to give strength, courage, determination and everything my mother needs to fight the disease in the best possible way.

With all the strength of all believers, with all this faith together, the disease will not be able to separate (mother’s name) from all of us, the disease will not be able to bring down (mother’s name) and the disease will no longer affect (name of the mother).

With all the love of God Our Lord and with all the faith of this world, (mother’s name) will be healed! Mother, you will free yourself from all illnesses and you will be able to be truly happy.

This is a prayer that comes from a female daughter.

Watching your mom slip away due to sickness can be disheartening. This is why you should never allow this to linger on. Making this prayer will generate results because it requires feminine energy to work.

This is why it is for daughters alone and not both genders. The emotional power in the female is higher than in the male. Making this prayer for your sick mother will generate powerful results when it is done in the right way.

To offer this prayer, you must burn incense to purge every form of negative energy that might corrupt your emotional energy. Once this is done, the prayers should be made 7 different times with the same level of emotion. This is how the powers of the universe will be triggered for the healing of your mom.

The love and endearment between a daughter and her mother are also a great asset for this type of prayer. It is believed that love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Therefore, making this prayer with a heart of love and concern for your mother’s health will generate divine results on her behalf.

6) Prayer for my mother’s good health

Prayer for my mother’s good health
Prayer for printing

“Lord of the Highest Heavens, I pray that You would restore unity to our family. My mother is sick, and I know that nothing pains her more than when her children are not getting along.

Lord, put it in all of our hearts to come together, to put aside our differences, to swallow our pride and unite for the sake of our mother’s last months, weeks, or days. Put kind words in our mouths, and smiles on our faces.

Open our hearts and our arms towards each other. She could leave us at any time, and we need Your divine intervention to give her the gift of a loving, devoted, cohesive family.

Give her the joy of seeing her children united around her.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”

This prayer does not have to be made when your mother is sick. You can make this type of prayer for your mother every time. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for sickness to strike before you make this type of prayer.

Praying for your mother’s good health is the best way to protect your mother from negative forces that will cause sickness. I make this prayer every morning, afternoon, and evening. Therefore, you can follow the same pattern.

You can make this prayer when your mother is sick as well. However, it is better to use this prayer as a protection charm against sickness for your mom. Whenever you make this prayer, your guardian angel shields your mom from sickness. If she is sick, the recovery process will speed up and she will be restored to good health within the shortest possible time.

7) Prayer for my mom in the hospital

Prayer for my mom in the hospital
Prayer for printing

“Miraculous Virgin, powerful Virgin of the sick and those who are sick in the hospital, I pray you today to ask for help, help and strength not for me, but for the heart of (mother’s name) who is in the hospital, suffering , sad and without the strength to fight.

May my faith, my prayer and my spiritual strength go to (mother’s name) and help my mother right now.

May the miraculous Virgin fill your heart with faith, hope and strength to face illness, problems and adversities in life.

The Blessed Virgin will help my mother who is sick, as she is truly in need, as she is really suffering and needs a miracle in her life.

With faith, strength, hope and perseverance I pray to the miraculous Virgin and ask, with great love, that she help (mother’s name) as soon as possible.


When your mom is in the hospital, you can offer prayers for her. 

This prayer will help the following factors:

  • The effectiveness of doctors in administering the right medications for her speedy recovery.
  • The effectiveness of nurses in tendering to your mother as the need arises.
  • The right and correct diagnosis, which will lead to an accurate prescription.
  • The absence of any side effects from taking certain medication
  • The body system of your mom in responding to the treatment as fast as possible.

It is believed that this prayer will speed up your mom’s recovery process, prevent death and enhance the effectiveness of the doctors and nurses in charge of your mom’s health.

Therefore, whenever you are making this prayer, your focus has to be on the various factors mentioned above. Once you do this, the results will become evident in a matter of days.

8) Prayer for my mom who has cancer

This is a sensitive prayer. Cancer is seen as a terminal illness, which has no potential cure.

As bad as this sounds, your prayers can go a long way in generating astounding results for your mom.

Whenever you want to pray for your mom who has cancer, the following parameters should be covered:

  • Strength: always pray for strength. The reason for this is because of the pain your mom will be going through. It takes strength for her to successfully go through this pain and come out strong. Therefore, in your prayers, including the prayer for strength – mostly emotional and mental.
  • Faith: This is important for the healing process of your mom. Once faith is absent, it is only a matter of time before cancer eats her up. Therefore, you have to ask the universe to fill your mom with strength and faith to remain optimistic. This will surround her with positive energy that will wipe away every form of negativity that might affect her recovery.
  • Recovery: This is where you ask the universe to grant your mom a speedy recovery from cancer.

By covering those parameters, you will be able to generate results for your mom’s health.

Can I pray more than one prayer?

You can make more than one prayer. 

There is no restriction on the number of prayers you can offer.

Although, it is not necessary to make the prayer for cancer moms if your mother does not have cancer. In addition to this, it is not necessary to make the prayer for moms in the hospital if your mom is not in the hospital. However, every other general healing prayer can be made together.

Will the sick healing prayer for my mom to get better work?

These healing prayers will work every time.

We have gotten several testimonies from different people about the power of these prayers. Therefore, there is nothing to fear as regards the potency and effectiveness of these healing prayers.

The benefits of praying for my sick mother

Praying for your sick mother gives the following benefits:

  • It leads to emotional healing for your mother.
  • Protects your mother from sickness.
  • It heals your mother from sickness.
  • It bonds your heart with your mom closely than ever before.

Final Words

About the prayers

As you make these prayers to the universe, ensure that your faith in the healing prayers is firm. You will be able to receive healing for your mother by making these prayers in faith. We desire that these healing prayers generate the results you seek.

So, what did you think about the sick healing prayer for your mom to get better and to be healed? Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion with us!

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