7 Unfailing Prayers for Enemies to Leave me Alone

There are 7 unfailing prayers, which can cause your enemies to leave you alone.

There is an unbending truth that people will not always love you. At certain points in your life, you are going to be confronted with great hostility and hatred from people. You must be prepared for seasons like this. When you begin to attain a level of success, hatred will be stirred up in the mind of people around you, which will lead to envy, jealousy, and all forms of bitterness.

Therefore, you must be fully secured against the attacks of your enemies. The best way to protect yourself from the attacks of your enemies is to pray.

These prayers will create a shield around you and offer protection against the negative energy and spiritual attacks targeted at you

Praying to the universe against enemies is the best method of calling the attention of the spirit realm to what is happening in your life, and how to get you out of the situation.

Don’t joke with the 7 unfailing prayers in this article. They will give you the result that you seek. Most times, the answers are always instant and dramatic.

If you have been bothered by your enemies, then things are about to change with the 7 unfailing prayers for your enemies to leave you alone.

1) Prayer for Enemies to Leave me Alone

Prayer for Enemies to Leave me Alone
Prayer for printing

“Father Almighty, I pray You with all my strength and with all my will. I pray to You to ask You for a favor related to my enemies, who only want me harm, who only want to see me suffer, who only want my unhappiness.

Father Almighty, I’m praying to You to ask You for help. So that you can help me get rid of all the enemies. So that you break the forces of my enemies and so that you take all the strength from Him. And so that you take away all their desire to attack me.

Father Almighty, end the attacks I’m getting. End the attacks of my enemies. Father God, Make me safer and happier.

I ask You to keep my body clean, my soul clean, and my aura spiritually protected.


Have you been bothered by your enemies?

Have you been constantly dreaming about spiritual attacks?

Or have you found black feathers in your car or pocket?

Then it is time to pray to the universe. All of these are signs of the presence of your enemies, and it might lead to your downfall if proper care is not taken. This is the best time to stop all of these from happening. The best way to repel the attacks of your enemies is to pray.

By offering prayers to the universe, you will be protected from the negative energy that comes from your enemies, which is detrimental to your progress and growth. The prayer against your enemies will stir up a strong protective power in the universe for your protection. By offering this prayer, your enemies will no longer bother you.

2) Prayer to make someone go away

Prayer to make someone go away
Prayer for printing

“With the help of our Lord God, I will manage to get rid of all the bad people in my life. With the help of God Our Lord, I will manage to drive my enemies out of my life.

People who just want to see me suffer will walk away. People who only wish me harm will run away from me. And people who are always against me will disappear from my life.

I know so, I know that God Our Lord will help me drive away my enemies. I know God is strong and I know God is Mighty. And I know God will help me.

God our Lord, take care of me, protect me, help me, now and forever.


When you are bothered by people, it is a sign that they should leave your life.

I made this prayer to release myself from toxic relationships some years back, and it worked effectively. Therefore, when someone in your life is proving negative and unhealthy for your life and progress, it is time to make such an individual go away.

However, this will not be achievable without offering prayers. Becoming confrontational might damage a lot of things, which will lead to spiritual warfare between both parties. Therefore, it is time to turn to the universe for help.

The prayer to make someone go away is going to cause a huge rift between you and the person involved, which will never be able to seal. This rift will cause a separation between both of you. The answer to your prayer can also come in the form of a relocation that will take you far away from such an individual. 

The prayer to make someone go away carries a powerful spiritual energy that can separate you from every negative influence around your life. Therefore, always offer this prayer whenever the need arises.

3) Protection Prayer against Enemies

Protection Prayer against Enemies
Prayer for printing

“Strong Father, I admit my weakness. I am powerless against my enemies. They trouble me daily and I am nearing despair. Encourage me with Your Spirit and Your Word. Let me feel Your presence over my life.

Cause me to remember Your comforting Words in times of discouragement. Surround me with the right people who will point me towards positivity and perseverance. Raise friends who can help me in this battle.

I’m more at peace with You and human allies to fight alongside me. So give me the wisdom to know the people I can trust. Keep me away from enemies who pretend to be helping.

Give me discerning eyes so I can notice their traps.

The bible teaches us that God will arise and cause our enemies to scatter.

Therefore, by aligning yourself with this scripture, you can make intercessory prayers against enemies. This prayer is called warfare prayers because it comes with strong annoyance and desperation.

Whenever you have been frustrated beyond your limit, this prayer is the best tool to use against your enemies. It is believed that whenever this prayer is offered, the universe will shield you from the attacks of your enemies, and give you the ability to prevail over their wits and attacks. 

The protection prayer against enemies will grant you victory over your enemies.

4) Prayer for Enemy to keep away

Prayer for Enemy to keep away
Prayer for printing

“Today I pray to Our Lady of Fatima with great despair in my heart. I feel that my enemies are getting stronger, I feel that my enemies are attacking me and I feel that my enemies are managing to bring me down.

That’s why I ask for the help of Our Lady of Fatima. That’s why I turn to all the saints for help. To help me keep my enemies away from me and out of my life.

I want to keep my enemies away. I don’t want to see my enemies and I don’t want my enemies to see me. That’s why I pray to you, Our Lady of Fatima, because only You can help me.

That’s why I pray to You, Our Lady of Fatima, because You have the strength to help me. You have the strength to keep my enemies away from me and my life.


Do you want to mark your environment as an out-of-bound zone for enemies?

Are you ready to create spiritual boundaries and barriers that are impossible for your enemies to cross?

This is the prayer for you. This prayer will make your enemies stay away from your life. When you offer these prayers to the universe, your enemies will have frightening dreams. These dreams will warn them to stay away from you to avert terrible consequences. 

It is said that whenever you offer this prayer to the universe, you will be shielded, and the attacks of the enemies against you will be rendered powerless. That is, even if your enemies try to attack you again, you will become immune to their attacks. In the African culture, this prayer is called the back-to-sender prayer, which returns those attacks of enemies to the enemies.

5) Protection Prayers for Enemies to Leave me alone

Protection Prayers for Enemies to Leave me alone
Prayer for printing

“O God, my Promise-Keeper, You sit upon Your throne in heaven. Even though I lament that enemies continue in unjust actions and seem to escape consequences, I rest in the fact that vengeance is Yours.

Nothing has happened which will not be accounted for on the day when You judge. Lord, You command me to not take revenge on those who attack me because You are the one who will execute perfect justice.

I look forward to the day when You will make all things right. I rest in Your goodness.

This prayer will cause your enemies to stay away from you.

By offering this prayer, all of the plans of your enemies will be frustrated and they will have no choice but to leave you alone after countless times of futile efforts. 

Whenever an attack is coming, the universe will inspire you to offer these prayers. The protecting prayers against enemies will prevent the attack from having any effect on you.

In addition to this, it is believed that when you offer this prayer, you will always exhibit the opposite effect of the attacks of enemies. That is, if the attack was against your health, you will become healthier and stronger as a result of the protection prayer.

6) Very Powerful Prayer for your Enemies

Very Powerful Prayer for your Enemies
Prayer for printing

“I (say your name) I ask for immediate help to all the Saints who can hear me to help protect me and I (say your name), I ask for help to all the Saints, so that they remove all my enemies from my life.

I pray this prayer out loud, I pray this prayer with great force and with great will, so that all the Saints may help me.

Saints, I (say your name) ask all my enemies to flee from me! I ask that all my enemies do not want to see me. I ask that all my enemies no longer think of me.

Saints, I (say your name) believe that I will have the strength to fight and ward off my enemies. Now and forever! With the forces of the Saints, I’ll make it. I know I’ll make it, I know I have the strength, I know I have the will, I know I have the necessary determination.


It is time for you to deal a massive blow to the face of your enemies. It is time for you to strike back at them. However, this has to be spiritual. The best way to strike back at your enemies is by offering a very powerful prayer for your enemies.

This prayer is believed to make you stronger than your enemies, and out of reach. Most time, this prayer will work effectively when your enemies are around you, and can easily harm you. They will try to hurt you physically but be met with failures because you have built a spiritual capacity that is beyond the reach of their powers.

Therefore, this prayer will make you very powerful than your enemies, and immune to their attacks.

7) Prayer against Enemy Attack

Don’t be scared of the enemy’s attack. As long as you offer this prayer to the universe, their attacks cannot have any effect on your life. You must offer this prayer to the universe with your focus on every aspect of your life. 

While praying against an enemy attack, you must ensure that your mind is focused on the different parts of your life that are vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. This is how to channel the powers of the universe to protect all of the aspects of your life.

There is something else to this prayer; it can work for your family members as well. Carry your family members along because the enemy can attack them. Therefore, the prayer allows you to incorporate your family members and shield them from attacks.

Do prayers work for any enemies?

History has recorded how prayer paralyzed the efforts of enemies at people. The bible and other spiritual books have stories of this. Therefore, there is no doubt that the power of prayer will work for any enemy. Whenever you pray against your enemies, you will always get the result you desire. 

Can I pray whenever I want?

Praying against your enemies does not have a specific time. I have read several articles concerning this topic, and I see a lot of different spiritual timings. This is wrong.

When it comes to praying against enemies, the best time to pray is NOW. The reason for this is that you must always be spiritually aware and vigilant to spot the attack of enemies and shield yourself from it. Therefore, praying every time of the day is the best strategy for this time of prayer.

If you want to get the best results, pray against your enemies in the morning and night. I pray at all times in the day. As a Christian, learn to make this prayer at 12 am, 3 am, 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm. This will release enough spiritual energy to shield you from the attacks of the enemy.

Therefore, praying anytime you want is not prohibited.

Can I pray all the prayers in this article?

All the prayers in this article will grant you the desires of your heart as regards protection against enemies. Therefore, you can pray all the prayers in this article. You can offer all of these spiritual prayers to the universe for protection, and be assured of instant results for yourself or family members as the need demands.

Final Words

About the prayers

With the prayers in this article, you will never have to worry about the attacks of enemies anymore. Furthermore, you will be free of every negative influence and energy. Therefore, it is time to take advantage of the prayers in this article for adequate protection against spiritual attacks.

So, what did you think about the prayer for your enemies to leave you alone? Please, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

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