6 Death Anniversary Prayers for my Father: Love & Peace

Are you looking for the most powerful death anniversary prayer for your father? We have the best prayers in the world!

It is important to honor the memory of your father every year. The remembrance ritual is a vital part of honoring the dead. Whenever you remember your father, certain things should be done to make every anniversary a memorable one.

Praying for your father during his death anniversary is important. Some people have ignored this aspect of prayer because they believe that prayers are meant for living alone. However, even the dead need your prayers.

Therefore, whenever you are commemorating the life of your father on his death anniversary, you should take time out to say these prayers. 

6 powerful death anniversary prayers should be made for your father. Each of these prayers will be answered by God. Beyond the minute silence and mumbling of the “Rest in peace” mantra, you have to make prayers to God concerning your father.

Let us look at these prayers to give you more clarity about how to go about the death anniversary prayers for your father.

1) Death Anniversary Prayer for my father

Death Anniversary Prayer for my father
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“Holy Father, Eternal and Almighty God, in this Moment of Faith, in the Col of Jesus, in the Kairós, through the intercession of Saint Joseph, I ask You for (say the name of your deceased father), which you took from this world.

Give him happiness, light and peace.

May he, having passed through death, participate in the fellowship of Your saints in eternal light, as You promised Abraham and his seed.

I ask that his soul not suffer, and that You deign to resurrect him with Your saints on the day of resurrection and reward.

Forgive him his sins so that he may attain immortal life with you in the eternal kingdom.

Give him, Lord, eternal rest and let Your light shine for him!

Through Jesus Christ, your Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

St. Joseph, pray together with your beloved Son, Jesus, for my dear and beloved deceased father.”

This prayer should address the unique qualities of your father when he was alive. With these prayers, you are going to create a spiritual atmosphere for the spirit of your father to find expression. The death anniversary prayer for your father will beg God for mercy over the soul of your father.

Furthermore, the death anniversary prayer for your father should be full of thanksgiving.

How do you go about this?

Recall all the good things, which your father did when he was alive. Recall the fact that he was a good man, who labored selflessly for the benefit of mankind. Let this spring up a well of appreciation in you for the impact of your father when he was alive. As you do this, the spirit of your father will manifest in the atmosphere, and God will grant him eternal rest.

The death anniversary prayer is not a mourning prayer. It is a prayer of reflection and thanksgiving. To make this prayer powerful, you can burn incense or hang the picture of your father on the wall of the room you are praying from. 

The death anniversary prayer for your father is also an indication that you miss him, and long for his presence. Therefore, you can take this opportunity to ask the universe to show you the spirit of your father. 

The death anniversary prayer for your father is the primary way to pray for the spirit of your father while celebrating his death anniversary.

2) First Year Death Anniversary Prayer for Father

First Year Death Anniversary Prayer for Father
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“Dad, it’s been a year since you left. I still miss you every day and I always have the certainty that I will never forget you.

Everything I have in my life today, I owe you and your advice. I learned a lot from your example and I’m happy because taking your teachings with me is a way to keep you a little closer.

I hope you are at peace and can see all that I have achieved, as I know you would be proud.

May the presence of God Our Lord enlighten you and help you to be happy. May the presence of all the saints bring you happiness, love and peace.

Father, I want you to be happy in the presence of God our Lord. He will protect you, now and forever. I will never forget you.

I miss you, Dad. Be at peace!”

The first year is always the hardest. The reason for this is the void you will feel in your heart as a result of the absence of your father. The first death anniversary of your father is always full of sorrow because the memories are still fresh and the wounds have not healed up.

Therefore, the first death anniversary might not be filled with thanksgiving unlike the 5-, 10- or 20th death anniversary. The first death anniversary prayer for fathers is always filled with the request.

The following requests can be made to God on the first anniversary of your father:

  • Ask God for the fortitude to bear this loss and to strengthen you.
  • Ask God to bless the soul of your father in heaven. You should pray that the spirit of your father will continually rest in peace.
  • Ask God that the legacy of your father will leave on. Tell God to allow the presence of your father to be felt every time you need or miss him.
  • Pray for his spirit. Ask God to protect the spirit of your father and allow your father to rest in his bosom for protection against evil spirits.

These prayers can be made on the first death anniversary of your father. The answer to these prayers cannot be seen. Therefore, don’t look out for instant results. Simply say the prayer and move on with your life.

3) Short Dad in Heaven Anniversary Prayer

Short Dad in Heaven Anniversary Prayer
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“Dad, you were the hero of my life. I am very much lonely without you. I miss you very much, dad. My prayers are always with you.

Dear father, rest in peace wherever you are. You are missed every single day. I love you, daddy. I miss you badly. You are always in my heart.

My lovely dad, I miss you so much. You will forever remain in my heart. I still try to find you. I don’t know where you are. Rest in peace, dad.

You left a legacy and lots of memories for us. Our hearts ache for you, dear dad. I hope you are having a great time in heaven.

Losing you was something I could not cope with. I hope you are fine wherever you are. Always stay close to my heart, dad.

The man of my family is in heaven for years but still, I miss him like nothing else. Dad, I hope you are always smiling up there.

Every day, I remember you in my prayer, in my thoughts. Your memory can never be forgotten. I love you so much, dad. I miss you.”

This short prayer is for your father. Before you say this prayer, you must be sure that your father is in heaven. The Christian faith believes that your good deeds will grant you safe passage into heaven. Other religions have their rituals and deeds for the safe heavenly passage of all spirits.

Therefore, you have to check if all of these things were done by your father. If not, you might have to perform purgatory rituals to grant your father safe passage into heaven.

The short dad in heaven anniversary prayer is to ask God to give your father eternal rest in heaven. Furthermore, this prayer is to ask God for his mercy over the spirit of your father. 

Most times, when people make this prayer, there is peace in the heart of everyone because heaven is a peaceful place. Knowing that your father is in heaven gives you peace. Therefore, the short dad in heaven anniversary prayer is not a long prayer. It is simply a request of peace and solace in the bosom of God. 

This short prayer does not take long. Within a matter of seconds, you are done with the prayer. In addition to this, it is often whispered than spoken out loud – unlike other prayers.

4) Prayer for my Father’s Soul in Heaven

Prayer for my Father’s Soul in Heaven
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“Almighty God, I am praying today for my father who has passed away and is in heaven. I am praying today to ask for help, protection and peace for my deceased father’s soul (saying Father’s name).

I ask that Almighty God protect my father, give him strength, courage and motivation to continue to fight, even though he is no longer by my side.

May my deceased father find peace, harmony and happiness with God our Lord and may he not be discouraged without our presence.

May the light of God cleanse my father and make him happy, now and forevermore.


This prayer has a single focus, which is peace and joy. 

The prayer for my father’s soul in heaven is a prayer for peace and joy. In this prayer, you will be asking God to grant the soul of your father peace in heaven. It is also a prayer that requests restoring joy into your heart after the sudden loss of your father.

This prayer will bring relief to the soul of your father in heaven. It will put the soul of your father at rest. If you have been experiencing negative things in your life after the loss of your father, it is an indication that the spirit of your father is not at rest. Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity to pray for the soul of your father to find rest.

This prayer will put the soul of your father in peace. This will in turn lead to your joy and comfort. Knowing that your father is resting in heaven brings a level of joy.

5) Memorial Prayer for father

Memorial Prayer for father
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“Today I don’t want to cry because I’ve cried too much. On this date, 1 year after my father’s death, I just want to leave here the tribute to the incredible father he was.

I miss it a lot, but I always try to be strong, as he taught me. My father was the one who made me who I am and thanks to him, today I feel like a person capable of anything.

My father guided me through difficult times, hugged me when I needed it and always said I was capable of anything. If I conquered my dreams, it was because of him.

Today I complete 1 year living without my father, but I carry him in my heart and in everything I do and I know it will always be like that.”

This prayer addresses 2 things:

  • It addresses the spirit of your father and his rest. This is a common prayer point for all the categories of prayer in this article. Every anniversary prayer must seek to restore peace to the soul of the deceased. Therefore, the memorial prayer for your father must have this as a focus.
  • It addresses your state of mind. If you have been negatively affected by the loss of your father, you can take advantage of this memorial prayer to ask God for strength and comfort during this tough situation.

By saying the memorial prayer for your father, you will ensure the safe passage of your father into heaven, and healing from the shock of losing your father.

6) Short Death Anniversary Prayer for my father

You can pray for his afterlife. The short death anniversary prayer for your father should be focused on his afterlife. Ask God to guide him in the afterlife with his life. If you believe in reincarnation, you can ask God to grant him safe transformation as he returns to the earth in another form.

In addition to this, you must be thankful for the life of your father. Living a good life is something to be thankful for. Therefore, don’t ignore this aspect. The short death anniversary for your father is necessary because it gives the spirit of your father eternal rest, and brings relief to your soul. Furthermore, it strengthens your heart and assures you that the spirit of your father is safe.

Will these Prayers help my father?

These prayers will help your father.

By offering the anniversary prayers for your father, it will grant him eternal rest in the bosom of God. It will offer him a safe passage into heaven. Furthermore, these prayers will guide your father into the light. As his soul sojourns in the afterlife, the light of your prayers will guide him and help him to find his way.

Can I say the prayers several times?

These prayers can be said severally. The anniversary prayers can be repeated over and over again. However, once the anniversary is over, you have to wait till the next anniversary before repeating the prayer.

Can these prayers be said together with the family?

If your family members are around you, it is great to say these prayers with them. However, if they are far away, you can say these prayers personally, and expect the same tangible result.

Final Words

About the prayers

The death anniversary prayers for your father will grant eternal rest to his soul, and bring you comfort for the loss. Therefore, it is something you should practice at every death anniversary of your father.

Enjoy the powerful prayers to help you and your father. Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion with us!

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